Tome of Darvil, the Destroyer

4in. x 16in x 12in Leather bound grimiore


Magically sealed. “Exscer” is the abraxas.
It is the long and dry account of Darvil, a dwarf Warmage, defended the engineers of Murin, from 40 fierce wyrvern, below the heights of the Maiden’s Throne. He and seven warriors: Feothal,son of Thealk, Darfik, Forthig, Clavin, Garril, Gilkthum & Feohlen slayed the creatures, and the engineers were able to complete the Lonngang Passage.


A stratagem to complete underground route to Windfell Orkhold, over 100 leagues through the Maiden’s Range eventually opening into the Voldr at Maiden’s Heel, a valley north of Windfell, which would be a staging area for the invaders. Before the Lonngang plan was to occur, the Orkcnut died, and the war was over. The Lonngang was abandoned and forgotten.

Tome of Darvil, the Destroyer

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